Members Of Keane and The Killers Form Supergroup: Mt Desolation

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Mt Desolation, a new supergroup formed by members of the Killers, Keane, and Noah and the Whale, has surfaced as yet another instance of musicians joining forces. Killers' drummer Ronnie Vannucci, Keane's keyboard player/songwriter Tim Rice-Oxley, Noah And The Whale fiddler Tom Hobden and Winston Marshall from the band Mumford and Sons formed the band and recorded an album of “Alternative Country” tunes, which is said to be debuted at a London show on June 4th. The band’s new website, which can be found at, notes, "Enlisting the help of friends from various other bands the newly formed group, we went into Eastcote studios in London at the snowy start of this year. The end of the recording sessions marked the end of the first chapter of the story. As Mt Desolation begins its second chapter, the fun and excitement of making the music remains, except now instead of being confined to a recording studio it's being taken on the road to share with anyone who wants a part of it." There’s also quote the biography on how the whole project came to be, noting the movement of demos around the countryside to various studios. The album is rumored to be released later this year, but what will this collaboration yield? All the musicians involved really can’t be pegged as country musicians, though many have their stripes from various folk projects. One wonders what this huge push towards supergroups in recent years is all about as well. Is it just more fun to collaborate then sit around and wait to record their original band’s next album, or is there this need to explore different pastures to continue the whole circle of inspiration? This of course leads to the inevitable question: What’s your favorite supergroup?


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