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Article: Pearl Jam Donate $210K to Make Tour Carbon Neutral

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Pearl Jam Donate $210K to Make Tour Carbon Neutral

After Radiohead famously planned out their In Rainbows tour last year using carbon neutrality as the goal, another band has jumped on the wagon. Pearl Jam recently invested $210,000 to make their 2009 Back Spacer tour carbon neutral. How you ask? Well, as guitarist Stone Gossard noted, they’re planting trees to offset the 7000 tons of carbon dioxide caused by their tour last year. “Pearl Jam is a band, but we're also a business. We see ourselves as a Washington business, a business in that region which is acknowledging its carbon footprint and hoping to inspire other businesses. It's not going to kill your company – if anything, it'll enhance your company's ability to sell whatever it's selling by being good stewards of the land." Where did they get 7000 tons as a number? They added up the amount of fossil fuel burnt by planes, buses, tour trucks, and ships, along with hotel rooms, venues and even all 480,000 fans' travelling arrangements to make it to shows. The plan is to plant trees on 30 acres of Washington state which will absorb CO2 from the atmosphere around the amount they created. The band did this a few years back as well, donating $150,000 to the cause then. Gossard said, "The idea of celebrity is fantastic in terms of raising awareness for a day or a week. But it needs constant business policy in the long term." What do you think of this move? Should more bands be donating to offset their carbon footprint or is it unreasonable to ask? Of course the majority of bands around the globe couldn’t afford to drop such an amount, but there’s a lot of rich musicians out there. Either way, it’s good to see someone trying to even things out in the environment - at least a little a bit.

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