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Article: Moby Encounters Drug Addled Home Intruder


Moby Encounters Drug Addled Home Intruder

Electro-punk artist Moby recently had a run-in with a strange man in his home. Recently posted on the artist’s blog, Moby awoke one morning to find an estranged man in his living room. The post read:

“This morning I woke up and there was a complete stranger sitting in my living room. Robbie. I wake up at 7 a.m., I walk in to my living room. I freeze. There's someone standing next to my couch. me: 'uh, who are you??' him: 'robbie' me: 'what are you doing here?' him: 'i'm here' me: 'i think you should probably leave' him: 'ok'. then he sat down. me: 'i think you should leave' him: 'ok'. continues sitting. me: 'is everything ok?' him: 'i might still be on acid' So I gave him a sweatshirt (it's chilly up in the hills) and some money for breakfast and sent him on his way. Apparently he had taken a lot of acid the night before, had seen my house from the street, and decided to pay an acid inspired visit.”
Hmm, interesting. So how did the man get in Moby’s house in the first place? Well, the musician never locks his doors for one.
“I've also decided that locking my doors might be a good thing. I know, who doesn't lock their doors? Well, I don't. Or didn’t. I mean, my neighbors these days are coyotes and frogs, and I just kind of assumed that a closed door was a good enough deterrent for a coyote or a frog. But I guess I'll err on the side of security and actually lock my doors at night from now on.”
So all in all, lock your doors people, never know who may be wandering around out there.

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