Primus to Release First Album in 12 Years

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Les Claypool and his band of misfits Primus are set to emerge from the studio with their first album in 12 years. Claypool confirmed the new album is in the final stages in a letter on the band’s site, “The Primus record is nearly done. Every song is pretty much a variation of ‘Don’t Fear The Reaper’ by Blue Oyster Cult. Everyone should buy two copies.” The official release date is not yet set in stone, but the band is set to hit the road for much of the year. Claypool also talked about a new song that the band has played at shows late last year, called “Salmon Man.” "For those of you that enjoyed the new song, 'Last Salmon Man,' that we played New Year's, you'll love the record because every song basically sounds exactly the same as that one. In fact, we just kept recording the same song over and over and I would just change a few of the lyrics around. I hear that's the way Pink Floyd used to do it and those guys are no slouches." Here’s a live snippet of the new song: Primus 2011 Tour Dates: 02/26 – Brisbane, AU @ Soundwave Festival 02/27 – Sydney, AU @ Soundwave Festival 02/28 – Sydney, AU @ Enmore Theatre 03/03 – Melbourne, AU @ Palais Theatre 03/04 – Melbourne, AU @ Soundwave Festival 03/05 – Adelaide, AU @ Soundwave Festival 03/07 – Perth, AU @ Soundwave Festival 05/21 – Gulf Shores, AL @ Hangout Music Festival 06/18 – Amsterdam, NL @ Paradiso 06/22 – Paris, FR @ La Cigale 06/24 – Vitoria, ES @ Azkena Rock Festival 06/27 – Rome, IT @ Pala Atlantico 06/29 – Vienna, AT @ Arena 07/05 – Berlin, DE @ Columbia Club 07/09 – Kongsberg, NO @ Kongsberg Jazz Festival


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