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Article: My Morning Jacket Frontman and M. Ward Start Crème Brûlée Blog

Creme Brulee

My Morning Jacket Frontman and M. Ward Start Crème Brûlée Blog

Jim James and his Monsters Of Folk band mate, M. Ward, have started a food blog that is centered on Crème Brûlée. As My Morning Jacket Twitter followers found out recently, the blog is aimed at being “an online resource for critiques and tastings of Crème Brûlée around the world.” The two stars have apparently made a habit of trying the delicacy during their globe hopping tours.

Called the Crèm-Brû-log, the two have swapped turns at blogging their interests in the dessert, or just sometimes writing long meandering thoughts. Like this excerpt from James’ recent post that paints an odd picture of Havana, Cuba and his love:

“I know I am safe with this flan… here in this kitchen with this lovely woman such a fine cook smiling with the knowledge of those who have come before her…and her husband lights a cigar and passes it to me and we lean back in our chairs with a little rum in the bottom of our glasses and just let it be is are was were in heaven havana again.”
Ward’s posts seem to be a bit more centered on specific reviews. His most recent post is on an Omaha, NE spot where you can get a mean Brûlée. Also interesting, is the pair’s rating system for tasting:
“-each brulee reviewed will recieve a certain amount of “logs.” think of these logs as “stars,” “points,” or “thumbs” in other reviews you may read. for instance- “joe so and so gave this new film 4 stars.” there is no finite number to the amount of logs that can be given, with infinite logs being the highest rating possible. -here at cremebrulog we want to give our readers a voice too, therefore the amount of logs can be subdivided, added to, or subtracted from by readers until the end of time, or the internet, whichever happens first. at that point god himself will do the math to determine the true winner of all time creme brulee championship 96!”
Check out the site at

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