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Article: Radiohead Releases Downloadable Fan-Shot Concert Footage

Radiohead Releases Downloadable Fan-Shot Concert Footage

Earlier this week, Radiohead dropped another surprise on us in the form of a full length, free, downloadable concert from 2009’s show in Prague. The gig was at Prauge's Výstaviště Holešovice Exhibition Hall on August 23, and around 50 fans had banded together to shoot the show on flip phones. The footage was later edited together to make a film called Live In Praha. The band, according to the Live at Praha website, sent their own audio masters from the show to the group to place it with the video track. After taking a look at some of the footage, the audio sounds great, and the video surprisingly looks amazing. You can download the whole set of 25 songs in a range of formats, including for mobile phones. Here’s a trailer for the video: Download the video here. Or buy song here. The setlist of the evening: 15 Step There There Weird Fishes/Arpeggi All I Need Lucky Nude Morning Bell 2+2=5 A Wolf At The Door Videotape (Nice Dream) The Gloaming Reckoner Exit Music (For A Film) Bangers + Mash Bodysnatchers Idioteque Encore: Pyramid Song These Are My Twisted Words Airbag The National Anthem How To Disappear Completely Encore 2: The Bends Everything In Its Right Place Recommended Listening:

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