Stuff We Like: Top 50 Music Videos Of 90’s

By 6

Curmudgeon music site Pitchfork Media has posted a Top 50 list of the Best Music Videos of the 1990’s. Scrolling through the lot of these videos is definitely a stroll through memory lane for me. I remember many hours staying up late to try and catch a video just to hear the song itself, as I had no money to actually buy records then. Of course the Internet basically changed all that, making the music now the secondhand result of a music video. What’s the point of a music video now anyways really? No one’s really making money off of it, except perhaps the production team, and it seems to be purely a marketing strategy now. While the 1990’s made the music video more of an art form, the 00’s has stripped down the art and made it more about the shock value. Of course, rap videos still are primarily cash, money, hos. Anyways, take a look through this insane list, and bring back the good times that the 90’s sort of fooled everyone into thinking they were having, back when our president could play a mean sax. Check out the list here.


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