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Article: Sigur Rós Take Hiatus After Throwing Away New Album


Sigur Rós Take Hiatus After Throwing Away New Album

According to a recent story at the UK’s Guardian, Sigur Rós’ lead singer, Jonsí Birgisson, has expressed the band’s desire to take a break. He’s quoted as saying the band is on an indefinite hiatus and they’re currently “busy having babies,” while releasing solo albums. This comes as slight dig to me, as Jonsí is openly gay. He and his boyfriend Alex Somers released an instrumental album last year under the moniker Riceboy Sleeps. My guess is the rest of the band wants to take a bit of time off from the horror show of the music business and he’s not exactly thrilled. The band’s six album was being worked on in the studio and rumors said it was very near completion when the members decided to throw away the results and start over. The last known information about the album was posted on the band’s site in May 2009, saying the material was “slower and more ambient,” but now it seems those songs will be lost in the scrap pile. Jonsí told Spinner this week, "We haven't got another album ready. It was just a rumor. We started to record something, but then we chucked it all away. So I think we are going to have to start it all again.” Jonsí’s solo album “Go” is scheduled to be released on March 23rd. Unlike Sigur Rós’ albums, where the lyrics are usually in Icelandic, his solo album will be entirely in English, perhaps to gain more of a foreign following. Dates for his solo acoustic tour are likely to be announced in the near future.

Jónsi - Boy Lilikoi

from upcoming album "Go"

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