Interpol, PJ Harvey Sign On for Haiti Benefit Auction

By 7

After this month’s earthquake catastrophe in Haiti, celebrities having been going all “We Are the World” like crazy. And that’s not to make light of the disaster, nor to dismiss the outpouring of generosity from Hollywood; the world would probably benefit if those who were flush with good fortune and the power to sway the public used it for humanitarian causes more often. If we always saw this type of success when it came to celebrities getting the public to rally around a cause, well, we’d be so busy calling into telethons that we’d never actually see these celebrities’ movies or buy their albums. But this is beside the point, which is this: famous people have been kicking ass with this Haiti mess. And that definitely includes the music industry. The latest to kick in their support? Interpol and PJ Harvey, who donated a signed box set of their entire musical catalogue and a stage outfit, respectively, to auctions which will benefit earthquake-stricken Haiti. The auctions, which are hosted by eBay and benefit the OxFam's Haiti Emergency Respons Efforts, were set up last week by Glastonbury Festival co-organizer Emily Eavis. Among other donated items is an original song by Damon Albarn, a guitar signed by Dave Grohl, and if you feel like really kickin’ out the dough, a chance to have dance masters Groove Armada remix your song. All benefits going to Oxfam. Click here to view the OxFam benefit auctions.


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