Slash Starts Horror Film Company

By 6

Guns n’ Roses axeman has decided to jump into making films, specifically ones that look like “Welcome to the Jungle” sounds. The guitarist has teamed up with Scout Productions to create Slasher Films (of course), whose aim is to create horror films inspired by classic movies from the 70’s and 80’s. The guitarist said, "I've always been a huge horror fan and creating films that take you back to the days where horror movies actually scared the hell out of you is something I've always wanted to do." The company’s first project is called Nothing To Fear and will feature a family in a small Kansas town where the people are tortured by a centuries-old demon with a hunger for blood. Because really, after all those years of being dormant who wouldn’t want a little blood? Slash noted that the target audience for his films will be made up of, “young, edgy, discerning consumers, with an appetite for quality and a hint of anarchy." Jonathan W. C. Mills is the scriptwriter for Nothing to Fear, while Shaun Redick and Ray Mansfield are lined up as executive producers. Production is expected to begin early next year. Though it’s not quite clear at the moment what Slash’s role in all this will be - will he be writing the music or starring in the films? - it’s interesting enough to perk up most of our ears. Another rocker making slasher films. Sounds familiar… Oh yeah! Didn’t Rob Zombie do this like, 10 years ago?


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