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Our Top 5 Favorite Creepy Songs

By 13

Yeah, there’s the monster mash, “Thriller” and all of the standard holiday songs that you’ll likely dance to or sing along with at least once this Halloween weekend. Nothing is scarier, though, than getting the creeps when you least expect them. It’s best then to watch out for these non-Halloween specific but still very eerie jams. Just like a distant howl in the night, the sound of them can be chill-inducing indeed. “Red Right Hand” by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds “Take a little walk to the edge of town, go across the tracks, where the viaduct looms, like a bird of doom, as it shifts and cracks” advises Nick Cave in his gothic 1994 creeper “Red Right Hand,” which was inspired by John Milton’s Paradise Lost. Here, he says, you’ll meet a “tall handsome man, in a dusty black coat with a red right hand.” Actually, Nick, no thanks, we’re just going to head on home. “Bang Bang, My Baby Shot Me Down” by Nancy Sinatra “Bang bang, he shot me down. Bang bang, I hit the ground. Bang bang, that awful sound,” goes this 1966 hit by Nancy Sinatra. Um, yikes. Poor Nancy also seems to reference a playground romance and doomed marriage. Although it’s unclear what exactly happened, whatever it was that went down, went down bad, baby. “House of the Rising Sun” by The Animals “Hey mama, tell your children, not to do what I have done,” warns this tale of damnation and ruin in the Big Easy. This doom-laden classic was popularized in 1964 by English rock act The Animals and warns again the dangers of drugs, booze and easy women. Some interpretations of the song say that the titular ‘house’ is actually a brothel. Watch for similarly foreboding versions by Nina Simone and Dolly Parton. #1 Crush by Garbage Singer Shirley Manson’s passion is clear in Garbage’s 1996 hit. “I would die for you” she growls, before backing up her offer with the threatening promise that she “will never be ignored.” Makes us want to back away, slowly. Every Breath You Take” by The Police “Every breath you take, every move you make, every bond you break, every step you take, I'll be watching you” warns The Police’s 1983 stalker anthem classic. “It sounds like a comforting love song,” front man Sting once said. “I didn't realize at the time how sinister it is.”

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VSQ Employee Mixtape #3: Data Entry Dance Party!

By 23

Mixtape # 3 of the VSQ Employee Mixtape series is here! Our marketing department gave you a nostalgic trip down memory lane with some alternative hits of the 90's in mixtape #1 and our art department filled in the blanks with some must-have post punk tracks in mixtape #2. But if you're looking for some good oldies and true pop classics to get your groove on then look no further. A quick browse through Kat's playlist will prove that even data entry be fun. VSQ Employee Mixtape #3: Data Entry Dance Party! A transplant from the Midwest, Kat spends her time at CMH entering data, helping out the royalties department, and testing out our digital sales and websites. She appreciates the musical juxtaposition within the VSQ collection and considers the upcoming release, VSQ to Modern Broadway Hits, her favorite. As she types away her day, she likes to keep it random, switching between the classics she grew up with and the hits she has come to love. From somber to silly, each of these tracks sound great in their string versions!


Rusted Moon: The String Quartet Tribute to Neil Young

Jesus Walks

Vitamin String Quartet Tribute to Kanye West


Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

Going to California

String Quartet to Led Zeppelin

People Are Strange

String Quartet Tribute to The Doors

Let's Go Crazy

Symphonic Tribute to Prince's Purple Rain

Do Ya Think I'm Sexy

String Quartet Tribute to Rod Stewart

You Oughta' Know

Strung Out On Jagged Little Pill: The String Quartet Tribute to Alanis Morrissette

Stupid Girl

Vitamin String Quartet: Per_Versions

Somebody to Love

String Quartet Tribute to Queen

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