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Article: Slashing the Band…Lead Guitarist Slash Finally Goes Solo


Slashing the Band…Lead Guitarist Slash Finally Goes Solo

Since Guns and Roses rocked onto the music scene and shot their way into our cassette players and musical memories, the word Slash has gone from a violent verb to a noun for “kick ass guitar player.” After decades of leading Axl and the boys and gaining notoriety as one of the world’s best guitar players, in the spirit of rock and roll, Slash has finally come out from behind his hair, aviators, and top hat, and released his first solo album. In order to prevent confusion, the album is simply titled, “Slash,” and the concept stems from the guitarist’s attempt to take lead and quote, “get a bunch of different people to guest on my record, as opposed to me appearing on everybody else’s record.” Born Saul Hudson, the guitar guru plays lead axe on the album for thirteen songs and a slew of notable guest singers including: Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas, Adam Levine from Maroon Five, Iggy Pop, Kid Rock. Ozzy Osbourne, and Chris Cornell from Soundgarden. As number two on Time Magazine’s list of “ten best guitar players of all time,” some may be surprised to see the legend join hands with a pop star like Fergie…but he calls her a closet rocker, and since the album has been released, the most downloaded song so far is the tune she performs, “Beautiful Dangerous.” Slash split with Axl back in the 90s, and has since started the successful hard rock band Velvet Revolver. While he may not completely impress his die-hard followers with his solo “Slash,” upon my review of the album, the top hat wearing axe swinger has once again NAILED IT. With this album the rock icon proves that while his career has spanned several decades, he certainly has more musical love to give. Just a few days fresh, “Slash” is sure to be one of the biggest rock albums of the year. The first single off the album is “By the Sword,” performed by Andrew Stockdale of Wolfmother, and while his tune with Fergie is initially more popular, I would not be surprised if this song receives the most critical acclaim. Slash’s solo attempt differs from his past work is many ways, but mostly because there is essentially something for everyone. I haven’t had enough time with the album just yet, but so far my favorites include: 1. “Hold On” featuring Kid Rock (yep. I am a total Kid Rock fan and not afraid to admit it) 2. “Beautiful Dangerous” featuring Fergie. (Hey, Slash is right…she IS a closet rocker!) 3. “Promise” featuring Chris Cornell (there is just SOMETHING about his voice…)

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