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Article: Wolfmother Loses Yet Another Member

Wolfmother Loses Yet Another Member

Led Zeppelin wannabes Wolfmother have lost another member recently. Drummer Dave Atkins has left the band in order to “spend more time with his family”, leaving founder/guitarist/singer Andrew Stockdale to ponder why his band members keep leaving. This, of course, follows the departure of founding members Chris Ross and Myles Heskett, who quit in 2008 after citing “irreconcilable personal differences” with Stockdale. The current band also includes rhythm guitarist Aidan Nemeth and bassist Ian Peres, both who are still reportedly in Wolfmother. The band released the following statement: “Well, after two years of good service to Wolfmother, Dave Atkins has decided to leave the band to spend much-needed time at home with his family. Dave has had a great experience touring and recording with the band, though in time, it’s proven to be too exhausting and taxing on his home life. Dave gives his blessings to the band and may well still be around for future recordings. All is good between the band, everyone is cool, this is more of a life change decision for Dave.” Right… sure. I find it hard to believe that when he joined the band he wouldn’t have expected the long tours that would come with the stint behind the drums. Well, then what now for the band? The statement continues, “After Andrew Stockdale’s performances in L.A with Slash (earlier this month), the band decided to audition a few drummers whilst they were in town. And we’ve come across a young gun by the name of Will Rockwell-Scott of Mooney Suzuki and Har Mar Superstar fame. We’re very happy to have him on board and Will is keen as mustard to enter into the realm of Wolfmother. So at this point Will Rockwell-Scott will be with us for the rest of the Cosmic Egg touring cycle.” The band still has plenty of festival gigs as well as other smaller gigs throughout the summer, so keep an eye on the stage to see who’s the next to go.

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