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The Killers Working On A Covers Album?

By 23

According to NME, The Killers’ vocalist Brandon Flowers has mentioned an album in the works for The Killers, only this time it will consist of cover songs. When we saw this headline, we could hardly believe our eyes! We love it when our favorite artists appreciate cover songs as much as we do. Though they released a Bright Eyes cover earlier this year, they are still deciding on a tracklist for the album.
“It’s difficult for each of us to pick songs that represent us as individuals. I mean, I have a lot of personalities myself! I’ve gone through everything from Neil Diamond to The Cars.”
Brandon Flowers
Ronnie Vannucci, drummer for The Killers, has mentioned possible covers of Genesis, Cyndi Lauper and even Tom Waits (can we suggest our version of Hold On as inspiration?). Being on tour for their most recent album Day And Age won't stop the band from getting started - they've brought along their recording gear and will be working on tracks while they’re out on the road.

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