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Kanye West and Suge Knight Set for Court on December 6

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I’m not saying that I support violence. I think if we lived in the kind of world where people didn’t find it necessary to start shooting at each other like a bunch of toddlers with toy guns in night clubs, then we’d all be better off. All I’m saying is that if you are going to start getting trigger happy on each other (this means you, famous music types with a penchant for guns, booze and having no damn common sense), at least have the integrity to really stick to tradition. Because tradition says that if someone shoots you in the leg in a Miami night club, then you shoot them in the leg back a few weeks later. Again, I don’t support this. I really don’t. But this is kinda the problem I have with the whole Kanye West/Suge Knight incident. I’ll explain. Back in 2005, Suge Knight was hanging out at a party Kanye West was throwing at the Shore Club in Miami, when BAM! Shot in the leg. So instead of getting all ‘street justice’ on the situation, Suge decided to act like a grown up at take Kanye to court and sue him for inadequate security to the tune of $1 million. (I suppose he could’ve sued the guy who shot him, but I’m guessing he doesn’t have the same, ahem, assets at West.) I guess it’s a good thing that they’re handling this situation like adults. Sure, it was more like watching a suspenseful action movie back in the days when hip-hop shootings meant impending retaliation and ongoing intrigue…but when I say those days were more “interesting,” I’m making light of a time that was actually quite dark. The fact that Suge Knight decided to respond to being shot in the leg (which is really enough to piss anyone off) with a lawsuit instead of a bullet brawl is something of a pleasant indicator that things are being handled a little differently these days. After all this time, a court date has finally been set. Knight and West will square off in a Miami courtroom on December 6, 2010. Marc Brumer, Knight’s attorney, says that in addition to the $1 million, his client will be seeking repayment for a claimed $200,000 in medical bills, as well as the loss of a $135,000 earring.

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