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Article: The Best In Feel-Bad Breakups

The Best In Feel-Bad Breakups

According to data gathered from Facebook, there are two peak times for break ups: Just after Valentine's day, and right about now. The anti-cupid has already struck Zooey Deschanel & Death Cab for Cutie's Ben Gibbard and, even worse, the iconic relationship of Thurstoon Moore & Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth. Just in case you're at risk, here's a Vitamin String Quartet-friendly playlist that will help you through your tough times. Separation is obviously a well-tread topic in pop music and the source of infinite songs, so no list will ever feel definitive. But it doesn't hurt to have one on hand, does it? Incubus – "Oil & Water" The summary of all your problems is right there in the title! This is an easy way to rock out to you and your partner's irreconcilable differences. The lyrics are full of common metaphors – heavy with anchors, shelter from the weather – but that just aids in its universal appeal. Let Brandon Boyd's big voice lead you up the dramatic arc. Def Leppard – "Bringin' On The Heartbreak" For those of you that require a little bit of edge in your breakup. This is strictly a song on the receiving end of emotional pain, and it has the added bonus of being ideal for singing along to in the sealed privacy of your car. Turn it up on the freeway and be a fearless, heart heavy rock star. Weezer – "No Other One" Maybe it's not strictly a song about splitting, but the song's portrayal of a codependent, desperate relationship may be all you need to snap out of your funk. Get uncomfortable with lines like, “My girl's a liar but I'll stand beside her” and realize that perhaps your attachment was unhealthy. Bright Eyes – "Take It Easy (Love Nothing)" Of course, it would be remiss to pretend break ups were all about rejection. Sometimes it's about guilt, or the scary apathy you have about being the ruiner of hearts. “She'll probably feel cheap/ But I'll just feel free/ And a little bit empty.” Were it not for those delightful drum machines and Wurlitzers, this would be a much darker affair. Fiona Apple – "Slow Like Honey" You might be thinking “Fast As You Can” from the Fiona Apple camp, but that's always sounded more like a preventative song rather than an end. This one, though? This is one sultry stab to the heart, reminding us that splitting up is just the beginning. Even if you're bitterly rejected, “Slow Like Honey” offers comfort in knowing that your memory will be a vengeful ghost. Related: VSQ Tribute to Incubus Vol. 3(2011), VSQ Performs Power Ballads (2011), VSQ Performs Weezer's Pinkerton (2010), The String Quartet Tribute to Bright Eyes: Beautiful in the Morning (2005), Strung Out On Fiona Apple: The String Quartet Tribue (2006)

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