The Roots Score Upcoming Movie

By 6

In between their gig as house band for Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night, and doing the odd show here and there, not to mention the band’s dual album output this year, it’s not really a surprise that the group found time to do a quick film soundtrack. The band, led by drummer/producer Questlove, scored the new film Night Catches Us, which is about a former Black Panther returning home to Philly and clashing with old friends. As Philly is the band’s original stomping grounds, this seems appropriate. The film was shot in the Germantown section of Philadelphia, where the Roots Crew began. The Roots' head rapper Tariq Trotter, aka Black Thought, also apparently acts in the movie, which also stars Kerry Washington and the guys who played Bunk and Marlo on "The Wire". Nine years ago, Trotter starred in Brooklyn Babylon, which happened to be a contemporary adaption of William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet. He’s stayed off movie sets since. The film is currently playing in select cities. Check out a trailer of the new film:


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