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Article: VSQ Tribute to Harry Potter

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VSQ Tribute to Harry Potter

Your ears don't want to miss out on this musical pint of Butterbeer! Description: Wizards and witches at Hogwarts learn about potions and broomsticks in a magical castle. The music which accompanies these adventures of Harry, Hermione and Ron are also full of beautiful twists and turns. The Vitamin String Quartet Performs the Music of Harry Potter takes on songs such as “Hedwig’s Theme,” “The Quidditch World Cup” and “Voldemort” with fitting classic string arrangements for their majestic tales. Get caught up in viola, violin and cello as they reinterpret songs about the boy who lived. Tracklist: Hedwig’s Theme Hogwarts’ March The Quidditch World Cup Double Trouble Harry In Winter The Story Continues Voldemort Available now at:  iTunes and Amazon

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