Things We Like: Jack White’s Record Label Releases Triple Decker Record

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Forever the innovator, and extreme vinyl enthusiast, Jack White’s record label Third Man Records, has created a new form of vinyl. This crazy contraption is actually a 12-inch single pressing with a 7-inch single record encased within. Designed and trademarked by White and assembled by United Record Pressing in Nashville, TN, this special release features an unreleased Dead Weather song on the 7-inch, and an alternative version of the band’s song “Blue Blood Blues” on the 12-inch section. White calls the Frankenstein plastic a “Triple Decker Record”, and the pressings are limited to 300, so you best order now. Available on September 17, 100 copies will be sold directly in the Third Man Records store in Nashville, with the other 200 being distributed through selected record shops and randomly via mail order, so it may be a good time to update your record collection with a rare piece like this. The new contraption could become a new hot item in the music collector’s world, especially if other bands like the idea and start putting them out as well. Head to for ordering info. Also, check out the video of White explaining the record and showing you how to open it below:


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