Things We Like: Limited Edition Headphones With Mini Records

By 6

Jack White’s recent foray into the record label world with Third Man Records has brought about a lot of technological advancements in the vinyl world, including the recent triple decker record and the “Texas sized” 13-inch LPs, the under-label groove, glow in the dark 45’s, tri-color 45’s, a peach scented record, and black and blue live series LPs. Now, Third Man Records brings you a new high-fidelity pair of headphones, available now for about $225. They’re the result of collaboration between Third Man Records and Nixon, makers of headphones and more. They’re designed to replicate mini 45’s and feature a volume knob, leather headband and earcups, as well as a custom carrying case featuring the label’s logo. It also comes with a braided cord and custom packaging. It’s hard to say if more products like this will be emerging from Third Man Records, but they seem to be doing anything to get vinyl back into the limelight. Considering the amount of vinyl fanboys (and girls!) out there, it’s not surprising that putting “limited edition” on anything nowadays is enough to get people scrambling to their computers to be the first on their block to sport these nifty cans. Click here to order these headphones before anyone else on your block.


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