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Article: Vitamin String Quartet Sheet Music - Coming Soon!


Vitamin String Quartet Sheet Music - Coming Soon!

UPDATE: Sheet music coming JUNE 2010. Click here for more details!

Those of you who have been persistent in your attempt at requesting sheet music will revel in the knowledge that your efforts have not gone unnoticed. We have in fact been milling this idea around for a while. This project has been a long time coming, and we are glad to announce that Vitamin String Quartet sheet music will soon see the light of day. We will have more details soon, so keep checking back. Subscribe to our blog feed or sign up for our email newsletter to stay on top of updates.

If you have suggestions or requests, please leave them in the comments below.


all of it.


can u plzzzzz send out thats what you get by paramore!!!!!!!???? i rly want it 4 skl. its one of my fave songs and i luv how it sounds in string quartet version!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey, my sister has a string quartet and we love your music. The sheet music that we would love to have would be:
- Over My Head
- Hey There Delilah
- Snow (Hey Oh)
- How to Save a Life
- Starlight
- Time Is Running Out
If those are released we’ll definitely buy them. :)


Are there any updates? I don’t know about the rest of you, but all of this waiting with no response from VSQ is majorly irritating. Even just an update saying that you’re nowhere close to publishing the music would be appreciated. Sorry VSQ, I will not be purchasing your sheet music… that is, if it is ever released. Anybody with me on this?


ah! i am dying to get this music! i am doing a pointe dance to dance dance by these guys and after i listened to it i picked up my cello and tried to play but its not working out so well so i would totally love it if it was published!!!


Is sheet music for GNR’s Sweet Child of Mine available? My 5 year old is dying of cancer and I want the music played at her funeral. It was playing during her stem cell transplant and we called it her song of rebirth. It is appropriate it be played at her funeral. Can you help?

Elizabeth Symmes

through fire and flames please


Im a really big Linkin Park fan but id really like Lose Yourself and Pocket Full of Sunshine also. I want to surprise my teachers with a really good and interesting quartet song and i think one of yours would be perfect

Imran Ward

Please, please publish the sheet music for your renditions of Tori Amos’ “Pretty Good Year” and Coldplay’s “Yellow” – I would really love to play them during my wedding ceremony.

Thank you!!! You are wonderful!!


Panic! at the disco songs, please!


I would really really like the tribute to My Chemical Romance – especially Helena. This album is my all-time favourite – even better than the original MCR imo!

Also, would you consider selling the music digitally? I live in Australia and if the music was released in physical media it might be a while before it reached me.

Thanks, and look forward to seeing some sheet music!



Please please publish the sheet music for Paramore that’s what you get.
Thank you so much!!


Er, just a question, but when is the sheet music going to be published? After all, it was “Coming Soon!” during, what, June? Nevertheless, I’m not trying to sound pushy or anything.

The reason for this is that I have a quartet and would love to play some of your (inferring to VSQ) music. Thanks!


Oh thank you thank you thank you!

Please consider releasing “black parade” by MCR. I absolutely love your arrangement.

This music is awesome and I can’t wait to share it with my quartet and my students!

Also, don’t ‘dumb’ any of it down! Let’s have the real charts! : )


Any updates yet? It’s been a while and still no sheet music :(


I love the music! I really think you should publish your sheet music. I play the violin and viola and would love to play NEW music!


VSQ you are amazing – Would love you to publish “Hallelujah” By Paramore and “All I want is you” by the Beatles.

Thank you!


i think tool’s forty-six & 2, parabola, and triad would be cool


Oh please the sheet music for “I Miss You” by Incubus and “In My Place” by Coldplay. Please…please please.

Thanks =)


You guys are awesome! :) but you know what would make you even more awesome… if you did an escape the fate cover. please? :] <3 iloveyouguys:)


My apologies, I forgot to mention, it is for school purposes. Thanks again.


I would really like to see sheet music for the Great Escape!! That would be awesome for me and my group to preform.


Oh, I’d love the sheet music for the MCR covers. The one for Your Hand In Mine would be absolutely amazing as well.


hurry up!

bob joe

Another vote for MCR’s Black Parade. My fiance and I very much want it at our upcoming wedding, and I would be extremely grateful.


Please put your music on this website! I absoulutely love it and you have inspired me to have my own string quartet.


Please publish your wedding and Valentine’s day albums! I would absolutely love to have some of those songs for my wedding! Mwah!


Can you guys hurry? I’m making a quartet and we want to have your songs


hallelujah. pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease

Hannah Risko

please do bittersweet symphony… ive been looking for the sheet music for it for my orchestra for 4 years! I cant find anything that will do a cello, viola, 1st and 2nd violins or just 1st… and a bass. this is my senior year and i would love to play this piece in the spring concert!


I vote some Fall Out Boy (:


I don’t care what it is, just PLEASE put some sheet music up!


Definately some muse, paramore, and i’m yours.
Your guys are amazing. I can’t wait for the sheet music. :D


I would put it up for at least top 10 sales on iTunes. Other than that maybe what you guys had the most fun playing. Cause that what we will have fun playing.


i would love…felling good by michael buble.

please please please please and thank you! am so excited, i can’t wait! :D


Please put up some red hot chili peppers and kanye west


FIREFLIES!!!! by owl city and Use Somebody by kings of leon :D. I Am sooooooooooo glad y’all are doing this!!! Can’t wait!!!!



Just to add to all the above comments; friends have asked me to play Beatles at their wedding this year and so I really hope you might be putting some up soon.



could you get me the sheet music to soad’s spiders that would be sweet


Would you please be kind enough to post a response as to when you believe the sheet music will be available or if you have changed plans and decided not to release any of it? Thank you.


Hello. My name is Christian Rosado ( Pink in english ) and im in High School Orchestra and I love Nightmare Before Christmas and was wonder if the sheet music for Jack and Sally Montage is going to be coming out. Please reply by email and tell me please and thank you.

Christian Pink

oh man do you think you’ll have something out by april? My quartet wanted to play one of your arrangements for an arts expo at our school! Hope so! VSQ is absolutely amazing!


Hey VSQ!!! I’m waiting excited for the sheet music. Please release it!!!
Thank you!

Rogério Vencio

VSQ, will you ever release sheet music? Everyday is a torturous wait.

Robert Liu

OMG so my friends and i want to play dare you to move, and 2 friends of ours are creating a dance to it, so we want to know when the music is coming out!!!


I’m soo excited- I feel like I’ve been checking back on your site for years now! yay! _


Any updates on sheet music? I can’t wait to learn these songs.


I can’t imagine the legal difficulty of producing sheet music for these songs. I’m surprised they are even attempting to do so, though I hope it happens!

Coldplay fan here. Waiting!


It’s already been 7 months! What happened to releasing the sheet music??


OMG AWSOME Please put up “Warmness on the Soul” That is my favourite one


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