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Article: Vitamin String Quartet Tribute to Twilight: New Moon

anya marina

Vitamin String Quartet Tribute to Twilight: New Moon

Vitamin String Quartet Tribute to Twilight: New Moon
As Bella and Edward take a dramatic turn in their relationship, the music in the sequel to Twilight also drops their crescendos into diminuendos with soft insightful indie tunes of heartbreak. Melodrama between werewolves and vampires translates into gorgeous melodies. The Vitamin String Quartet pays tribute to New Moon as violin, viola, and cello exquisitely reinterpret the storyline with songs by Death Cab For Cutie, Muse, and The Killers.

Tracklist: 1. Meet Me On the Equinox (Death Cab for Cutie) 2. Friends (Band of Skulls) 3. Hearing Damage (Thom Yorke) 4. Possibility (Lykke Li) 5. A White Demon Love Song (The Killers) 6. Satellite Heart (Anya Marina) 7. I Belong to You (Muse) 8. Done All Wrong (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club) 9. The Violet Hour (Sea Wolf) 10. Shooting the Moon (Ok Go) 11. Slow Life (Grizzly Bear) 12. New Moon (The Meadow) (A. Desplat) 13. Solar Midnite (Lupe Fiasco)

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