Weezer Covers Barry Manilow

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Weezer was recently asked by State Farm Insurance to record a version of the company’s jingle. However, the band decided to cover the entire song which the jingle was derived from. As Rivers Cuomo and his band mates posted on their site:

"When we were setting up The Memories Tour, the good people at State Farm asked the band, 'Would you sing our jingle for us. Weezer then asked if the jingle was from a whole song, and if anyone recorded it lately. So State Farm went back to their headquarters to find out the answers."

What they found out is that Barry Manilow wrote the original song, “Like a Good Neighboor”, early on in his career. The band said:

"Rivers looked over the sheet music and said, 'this is a great song; we should record the whole thing.' So the band went into the studio and had a lot of fun rocking out with Mr. Manilow's tune, hoping he would be proud of the results."
Watch a video of the band recording the song below: And be sure to check out Vitamin Records': Come one and Kick Me! - The String Quartet Tribute to Weezer and The String Quartet Performs Weezer's Pinkerton


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