Ghost: VSQ Performs Death Cab for Cutie

Ghost: VSQ Performs Death Cab for Cutie

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Release Date: 2/7/2006

Ghost: vsq performs death cab for cutie, transforms the band’s hip chords into lush and moody classical music. This is not just a simple tribute to a great band; this package shows that great music truly translates into any genre. The violins carry the melodies with liquid ease, while the viola and the cello create the intense bass lines to our favorite hits like “Transatlanticism,” “Soul Meets Body,” and “The Sound of Settling.” 


01 - Expo '86, 02 - Company Calls, 03 - What Sarah Said, 04 - The Sound of Settling, 05 - Marching Bands of Manhattan, 06 - Soul Meets Body, 07 - Transatlanticism, 08 - Blacking Out the Friction, 09 - The New Year, 10 - A Movie Script Ending, 11 - Styrofoam Plates, 12 - The Employment Pages