Vitamin String Quartet Performs Radiohead's In Rainbows - LP

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Release Date: 6/2/2009

Delivering experimental rock with an emotional punch, In Rainbows is another instantly-classic collection from the worlds’ most adventurous band. Taking inspiration from Radiohead’s vivid compositions, Vitamin String Quartet’s Tribute to In Rainbows explores the line between innovation and tradition. Violins, viola, and cello reinterpret lilting ballads such as “Nude” and “House of Cards,” and reverently transform guitar masterpieces such as “Bodysnatchers” and “Weird Fishes/Arpeggi.”


01 - 15 Step, 02 - Bodysnatchers, 03 - Nude, 04 - Weird Fishes/Arpeggi, 05 - All I Need, 06 - Faust Arp, 07 - Reckoner, 08 - House of Cards, 09 - Jigsaw Falling into Place, 10 - Videotape, 11 - Turn Me (Original Composition)