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Article: Sunny Day Real Estate to Record New Album

new album

Sunny Day Real Estate to Record New Album

Billboard has reported that recently reunited Sunny Day Real Estate (SDRE) is set to record its first new material in 15 years with the original, touring lineup that consisted of Jeremy Enigk, Dan Hoerner, William Goldsmith and Nate Mendel. Throughout the tour a new song was played, which I happened to catch at a show in Portland last fall, and Jeremy had said on stage there was a possibility of recording in the future. Well it looks like they had been writing and planning such an album all along. Hard to say if this will affect any future Foo Fighters plans, as bassist Nate Mendel is still a member of Dave Grohl’s rock powerhouse. Grohl had recently mentioned to reporters that Foo was planning on regrouping in the fall and doing an album with Nirvana’s old producer Butch Vig. SDRE original lineup only record two albums in the mid 1990’s, the very successful “Diary” and the followup, known as the “Pink Album” to fans. In 1997, building tension culminated in a show at Washington DC’s Black Cat where Jeremy Enigk, a newly converted Christian, began praying on stage. The rest of the members left the stage- and the band. The two rhythm section players, Mendel and Goldsmith, would go on to join the Foo Fighters, though Goldsmith would later leave that band as well. Enigk then continued on without them, recording "How It Feels To Be Something On" and “Rising Tide” until disbanding. Though several years later Mendel would rejoin the lead singer in the side project the Fire Theft. With huge shows like Coachella and shows across the pond, SDRE is not showing any signs of fading away. Fans like me are pumped to hear some new material from a band that has influenced so many. While no release date has been determined, here’s to hoping the album sees light this year.

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