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Butch Vig

Foo Fighters & Nevermind Producer Butch Vig to Record New Album

I was two drinks into the night recently when the subject of Dave Grohl came up between me and a dear friend. The topic was actually “people who would be better than Meg White to work with Jack o...

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new album

Sunny Day Real Estate to Record New Album

Billboard has reported that recently reunited Sunny Day Real Estate (SDRE) is set to record its first new material in 15 years with the original, touring lineup that consisted of Jeremy Enigk, Dan...

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alice in chains

Alice In Chains’ First New Album in 14 Years Finally Hits the Streets

Alice In Chains’ first new album in 14 years is finally out and we were really excited to check it out. The gorgeous first single, “Black Gives Way to Blue” is about the band’s legendary lead sing...

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