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Article: VSQ Performs Lady Gaga - CD Available Tomorrow!

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VSQ Performs Lady Gaga - CD Available Tomorrow!

Beginning tomorrow, our newest album, VSQ Performs Lady Gaga, will be available for purchase on CD! Reviews: "Vitamin String Quartet keeps it simple, breaking these songs down to their essence." "Very elegant and mastered perfectly!" "Completely crushes all stereotypes the world has about orchestra." Description: Lady Gaga is one of the boldest pop stars to emerge within the latest decade. If her outrageous costumes and dance moves don’t speak out, her music definitely does. The Vitamin String Quartet Performs Lady Gaga honors the reigning queen of shock factor with innovative string arrangements of the singer’s biggest hits such as “Poker Face,” “Bad Romance” and “Telephone.” Allow viola, violin and cello to beckon you to a dance in the dark.  Available 9/14 at Tracklist: 1  Poker Face 2  Paparazzi 3  Alejandro 4  Bad Romance 5  Just Dance 6  Telephone 7  LoveGame 8  Monster 9  Dance in the Dark 10  Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) 11  Speechless

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