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Rock's Best Tresses

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Rock and roll is as much about image as it is about music, and great hair can go a long way when proving one’s worthiness as a rock icon. These five male musicians get our vote for the best hair in rock n’ roll. Best Curl: Robert Plant

Give us the Robert Plant of 1972 or the Robert Plant of today, either way, we’ll happily run our fingers through the singer’s trademark golden locks. Somehow, Plant’s hair looks as good today as it did forty years ago. He must use a whole lotta high quality conditioner. Best Chin-Length: Gavin Rossdale

When Rossdale arrived on the scene as Bush’s frontman in 1994, fans instantly went wild for the band’s Brit-influenced grunge-rock sound and Rossdale’s charming good looks, which were accented by a chin-length cut that was always dyed varying shades of blonde, brown and deep red. It’s no wonder fellow hair chameleon Gwen Stefani fell in love with him. Best Longevity: Slash

The hair of guitar demi-god Slash is as iconic as the signature top hat that he puts on top of it. In the last 25 years, the lineup of Guns N’ Roses has changed far more often than Slash’s quintessential shoulder length jet-black curls. Maybe they help keep him warm in the cold November rain. Best Color: Jon Bon Jovi

Although we’ll always adore the Aquanetted, highlighted, big-haired Bon Jovi of the eighties and early nineties, the more subtly coiffed JBJ of the aughts serves us just fine too. We admire that through Bon Jovi’s marathon performances, Jon’s golden mane always maintained that perfectly flat-ironed look. Something tells us that Aquanet still may be part of the equation. Best Facial Hair: Dave Grohl

Dave Grohl is rock’s regular dude. He seems like a genuinely nice guy, he’s never been one to make tawdry headlines, and he sports the kind of every-man goatee often spotted at small town bars and biker rallies. We love the color and the shape of it.

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Corey Taylor Rumored to Be Joining Velvet Revolver

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Ex-Guns’N’Roses axe man Slash has admitted certain rumors about Slipknot and Stone Sour front man, Corey Taylor, joining Velvet Revolver are true, however the band has yet to make it’s final decision on this topic.

It seems that with Slash’s recent touring commitments for his solo album, the band ran out of time to decide whether to bring Taylor on board as replacement for Scott Weiland, who was thrown out of Velvet Revolver in 2008. Slash told the Charlotte Observer, “There was truth to the rumor that we were looking at Corey – but then I left for tour. So there’s nothing being done at the moment. No decision has been made.” This seems to be a trend for Slash, who’s been notoriously cautious about working with certain people. When referring to his front man problems, he noted that it’s been “just bad luck.” However, he’s changed his tune recently, telling the Observer,
“Beggars can’t be choosers. The most important thing is to find people who are musically capable, and then you have to take their personality into account. It’s something you need to accept within reason if they play the way you want them to play. A lot of musicians are crazy – that’s what makes them great musicians.”
Fellow Revolver, Duff McKagan spoke out about the Taylor rumors to The musician/sports columnist was asked what the most important quality in a front man is, besides having a good voice. He explained,
“Any good artist has to have the ability to tap the dark stuff and have it be real. Great lead singers have the ability to tap that. No inhibitions help as well. Axl [Rose] and Scott [Weiland] are two of the best front men ever. Corey Taylor is one of those guys as well. He can tap it.”
However, when asked if Taylor would be joining the band straight out, he noted, “I can neither confirm nor deny. He is a bad dude though. I like him as a human being and a singer. He is the voice of a whole new generation.” Be sure to check out: The String Quartet Tribute to Velvet Revolver Available now at iTunes and Amazon The String Quartet Tribute to Guns 'N Roses Available now at iTunes and Amazon The Scorched Earth Orchestra Performs Slipknot Available now at iTunes and Amazon The String Quartet Tribute to Stone Sour Available now at iTunes and Amazon

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Slashing the Band…Lead Guitarist Slash Finally Goes Solo

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Since Guns and Roses rocked onto the music scene and shot their way into our cassette players and musical memories, the word Slash has gone from a violent verb to a noun for “kick ass guitar player.” After decades of leading Axl and the boys and gaining notoriety as one of the world’s best guitar players, in the spirit of rock and roll, Slash has finally come out from behind his hair, aviators, and top hat, and released his first solo album. In order to prevent confusion, the album is simply titled, “Slash,” and the concept stems from the guitarist’s attempt to take lead and quote, “get a bunch of different people to guest on my record, as opposed to me appearing on everybody else’s record.” Born Saul Hudson, the guitar guru plays lead axe on the album for thirteen songs and a slew of notable guest singers including: Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas, Adam Levine from Maroon Five, Iggy Pop, Kid Rock. Ozzy Osbourne, and Chris Cornell from Soundgarden. As number two on Time Magazine’s list of “ten best guitar players of all time,” some may be surprised to see the legend join hands with a pop star like Fergie…but he calls her a closet rocker, and since the album has been released, the most downloaded song so far is the tune she performs, “Beautiful Dangerous.” Slash split with Axl back in the 90s, and has since started the successful hard rock band Velvet Revolver. While he may not completely impress his die-hard followers with his solo “Slash,” upon my review of the album, the top hat wearing axe swinger has once again NAILED IT. With this album the rock icon proves that while his career has spanned several decades, he certainly has more musical love to give. Just a few days fresh, “Slash” is sure to be one of the biggest rock albums of the year. The first single off the album is “By the Sword,” performed by Andrew Stockdale of Wolfmother, and while his tune with Fergie is initially more popular, I would not be surprised if this song receives the most critical acclaim. Slash’s solo attempt differs from his past work is many ways, but mostly because there is essentially something for everyone. I haven’t had enough time with the album just yet, but so far my favorites include: 1. “Hold On” featuring Kid Rock (yep. I am a total Kid Rock fan and not afraid to admit it) 2. “Beautiful Dangerous” featuring Fergie. (Hey, Slash is right…she IS a closet rocker!) 3. “Promise” featuring Chris Cornell (there is just SOMETHING about his voice…)

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Slash To Release Solo Album in April

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U.K. metal magazine Metal Hammer posted a video that features ex-Guns and Roses legend Slash talking about his new solo album that is scheduled to appear sometime in April in the U.S. The album features a ton of guests, including, Dave Grohl, Iggy Pop, Kid Rock, Lemmy Kilmister, Adam Levine of MAROON 5, Ian Astbury, Fergie Duff McKagan, M. Shadows of AVENGED SEVENFOLD, Chris Cornell, Myles Kennedy, Rocco DeLuca, Ozzy Osbourne, and Andrew Stockdale of WOLFMOTHER. Eric Valentine, who’s done work for the All American Rejects and Queens of the Stone Age, produced the album. Filling out the band’s rhythm section were bassist Chris Chaney (JANE'S ADDICTION) and drummer Josh Freese (NINE INCH NAILS). Slash says in the video, “"The idea was really simple in the beginning. These are all artists I wanted to work with — that I thought it would be amazing to do something creative and collaborative. And I was so impressed with what everyone brought to the table. They were all so committed to doing a good job. And we had a lot of fun making these songs."

The track listing (guest vocalists in parenthesis):

01. Ghost (Ian Astbury, feat. Izzy Stradlin) (3:34) 02. Crucify The Dead (Ozzy Osbourne) (4:04) 03. Beautiful Dangerous (Fergie) (4:35) 04. Promise (Chris Cornell) (4:41) 05. By The Sword (Andrew Stockdale) (4:50) 06. Gotten (Adam Levine) (5:05) 07. Doctor Alibi (Lemmy) (3:07) 08. Watch This Dave (Dave Grohl, Duff McKagan) (3:46) 09. I Hold On (Kid Rock) (4:10) 10. Nothing To Say (M. Shadows) (5:27) 11. Starlight (Myles Kennedy) (5:35) 12. Saint Is A Sinner Too (Rocco De Luca) (3:28) 13. We're All Gonna Die (Iggy Pop) (4:30) Bonus tracks: 14. Baby Can't Drive (Alice Cooper, Nicole Scherzinger) 15. Paradise City (Fergie, Cypress Hill)

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