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Five Fridays: VSQ Performs Rob Zombie's "Living Dead Girl"

By 28


Now Available: VSQ Performs Rob Zombie's "Living Dead Girl" - the final track in our October #FiveFridays series!

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Five Fridays: VSQ Performs The Main Titles from Beetlejuice

By 28


Available Now: VSQ Performs the Main Titles from Beetlejuice ‪#‎FiveFridays‬

  For the second week of the series, we are paying tribute to Danny Elfman’s carnival-esque theme for Tim Burton’s wild and weird supernatural comedy Beetlejuice.  Hey, this is a pretty good look for us… Buy here: Listen on Spotify: Save

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Five Fridays: VSQ Performs Blue Öyster Cult's "(Don't Fear) The Reaper"

By 28

Print 5 Fridays is an ongoing series that features the release of a brand new single every Friday during months that happen to have, well, five Fridays. Each monthly series is based around a unique theme and every single released reflects that theme. For our October 2015 series, we will be celebrating our favorite holiday with some of the best scary music pop culture has to offer. For the first week of the series, we are paying tribute to the spooky sounds of legendary hard rockers Blue Öyster Cult's biggest hit “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper”. Sorry, there is no cowbell to be found here…

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VSQ's Blood Curdling Strings: Celebrating Halloween With Horror Classics

By 21

With the release of The Nightmare Before Christmas, Vitamin String Quartet is pumped to celebrate Halloween. A day when kids dress up as ghouls and go trick-or-treating always makes for a fun holiday, but we also know there are some of you who just like a good scare. So to continue with the Halloween festivities (check out our VSQ pumpkin stencil), we've dug into Blood Curdling Strings! VSQ Pays Tribute to Horror Classics. It's chock-full of the best theme songs from horror films such as Psycho, Halloween, Friday the 13th, The Exorcist and so much more. If you'd like a classical spin on your horror classics, check out VSQ's sinister take on the theme song from Halloween below:

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Blood-Curdling Strings!: VSQ Pays Tribute to Horror Classics

By 15

Description: Halloween only comes once a year but if you’re one who loves ghoulish celebrations all year round, theme songs to the most terrifying classic horror films may give you an eerie rush. Blood Curdling Strings!: VSQ Pays Tribute to Horror Classics translates chilling signature songs from movies such as The Shining, Poltergeist and A Nightmare on Elm Street. Haunting melodies are beautifully reinvented with the viola, violin and cello providing the perfect combination of classic and thriller. Tracklist: 1. Psycho – The Rainstorm 2. Halloween – Theme 3. A Nightmare on Elm Street – Prologue / Main Title 4. The Omen – Ave Satani 5. The Shining – Main Theme 6. The Exorcist – Tubular Bells 7. Friday the 13th – Main Theme 8. Candyman – Cabrini Green 9. Jaws – Main Title and First Victim 10. Night of the Living Dead – Driveway to the Cemetery (Main Title) 11. Dawn of the Dead – L’Alba Dei Morti Viventi 12. Suspiria – Main Theme 13. Rosemary’s Baby – Main Theme 14. Carrie – For The Last Time We’ll Pray 15. Poltergeist – Carol Anne’s Theme Available Now at: iTunes

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What's Your Favorite Thing About Halloween?

By 23

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